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Sam’s Energy Balls

Easy to prepare, healthy, and good tasting – what more can you ask for? Whip up this recipe to store in your fridge for when …

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Meet The Member: Margaret Hlava

It takes a dedicated person to commit to a routine in any workout program. It takes an even more dedicated program to commit to being …

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At Home Workout

Here at CrossfFit Themis we understand that you won’t be able to make it in every day. Long work days, travel, no babysitter, or maybe …

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Three Ways to Curb Excessive Snacking

3 Tips to Curb Excessive Snacking #1 – Time Your Meals Out When working with a nutrition coach we’ll spend time mapping out a plan …

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Meet the Coach: Chi Wing (Eric) Yeung – Ninja

Chi Wing or Eric is not only a member here at CrossFit Themis, but he also is a coach. Eric and his parents moved to …

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Clean UP Your Grocery Cart

Ever find yourself in the grocery store wondering exactly what to buy to make healthier choices? There is so much confusion about what you need …

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Rowing Strategy

Generate more power while rowing.

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Meet the Member: Barb Klinner – Ultra Runner

“My husband said he never saw me look better, even though I’ve run farther and said, ‘CrossFit Themis made you so much stronger’.” If you …

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