Annette has a Subaru and the mechanic said it would be $70 for a new bulb and replacement. Um no. I’m mechanically inclined so I decided to do it myself and bought one today for $14.

There was a reason it was $70. I had to jack the car up and remove the tire, then remove the wheel well to access the headlamp assembly from the back, all without touching the glass of the bulb…and I couldn’t see what I was doing. This tested my patience greatly. What a pain in the ass. I should have just let the pros do it. Nope, I’m going to get it.

Several attempts and more attempts. Failure after failure, I just couldn’t get the damn thing in. I paused to calm myself, then out of the corner of my eye I saw the tire laying on the grass had a screw sticking out of it. Insert four letter word. We are leaving for Florida in two days in this vehicle.

Not to worry, I told myself, I had two new tires in the attic of the garage…but the ladder was at the gym. Luckily a neighbor had one and got them down. I got the bulb in and put the old tire back on. Here it gets better. On the way up to Sam’s Club to put the tires on, a truck in front of me threw up a rock and chipped the windshield. I had to shake my head.
I made it to Sam’s Club, but they don’t put tires on that aren’t theirs. No big deal Wal-Mart does.

If you are asking yourself what this has to do with anything, here it is. I was being tested. Much like a difficult WOD that I see you push yourself through physically and mentally, this one was testing my mental toughness. It would have been easy to stop and say F it, but I didn’t because you don’t.

I listened to a podcast a few weeks ago by a retired Seal “Jocko” and he said when life throws a wrench into things you say “good”. What you might ask? He says “good” because it creates opportunity. Opportunity to make ourselves better. So you broke a dish, good. Fix it or buy a whole new set and have friends over and have a relaxing evening. Someone stole your car, well good. Maybe it’s time to learn how to be a hard target and stop leaving your damn keys in the ignition overnight. Your kid’s grades are terrible, good. Time to reprioritize your life and get closer to your kids and spend more time with them and help them grow. You get the point.

Moral of the story; we are here to make ourselves better, no matter what we are doing. What we do in this gym prepares us for all aspects of our lives. Next time life throws you a lemon, smile and say good, because you have prepared to handle it.