If you weren’t here last weekend you missed a hell of a show. 72 Athletes from more than a dozen gyms around the state gathered together to compete in novice, intermediate, and masters divisions. The atmosphere was electric.

For nine hours, two person same-sex teams filled the floor to compete in four separate workouts in one of six heats. The top five teams in each division then moved on to compete in finals, a WOD unknown to the athletes. A test designed to challenge their general physical and mental preparedness.

The DJ and MC both kept us amped. The gym was a buzz of moving bodies, loud music, and cheering the entire time. Outside the gym athletes congregated together under large tents between heats. ZT’s food truck was adjacent to the tent, their delicious dishes keeping us warm and fueled for a busy day.

I did not see one athlete that didn’t give 100%. In fact, during the first WOD I had heard several athletes had already PR’d their lifts. These athletes work hard, day after day, to make themselves better than the day before, so you can imagine it was at times emotional. There was shouting, there was yelling, and there was some crying, but there was also happiness. We at CrossFit Themis are goal oriented. Make a goal and work for it. These athletes did just that. For many of them it was their first competition. It takes a lot courage to get in front of a bunch of people you don’t know and compete, but they did. For weeks these athletes have been preparing for this day and it had finally come. Congratulations athletes, it was exciting and an absolute blast watching you give it everything you had, and sometimes even more.

We would like to thank all athletes that competed, and their coaches and box owners for training and supporting them, judges, volunteers, the MC (Chelsea) and DJ (Brad), the score keepers and registration staff, and the coaches and athletes of CrossFit Themis.

To those of you who came to cheer on a family member or friend, or just came out to watch; we hope you had a good time and maybe found what was happening on the floor as inspiring as we did. Who knows, next time it just might be you starting to the beep of a clock!

For a list of worldwide rankings here: https://festivusgames.com/rankings/

Male Masters 1st Place – Andy Adrian and Corey Koelsch (Master Blaster)


Female Masters – First Place: Christine Zuelsdorff and Dawn Henrich (Wonder Wodders), Second Place: Marilyn Jaeckel-Mix and Christine Leggett (Great Dames), Third Place: Terri Brown and Regina Teska (Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!)


Male Novice – First Place: Mark McPherson and Evan Rose (Sweaty WallBalls), Second Place: Cole Markowski and Paul Markowski (McDouble Trouble), Third Place: Nick Steudel and Ross Neher (Blues Brothers)


Female Novice – First Place: Kristen Wallis and Julia Nummelin (Booty and the Beasts), Second Place: Kristen Betz and Brittany Beschta (Vinco Warriors), Third Place: Jenna Filipiak and Brenda Skic (Deep Squat & a Sweaty Bandana)


Male Intermediate – First Place: Steven Brandsma and Edwin Bonayon (Brothers in Arms), Second Place: Austin Crawford and Joe Babiarz (Team Crawbaby), Third Place: Kipp Laulainen and Jude simons (Fatnastics)


Female Intermediate – First Place: Joey Hetzel and Staci Galloway (PR’d My Pants), Second Place: Leah alters and Ali Crawford (Moms, Jeans and Power Cleans), Third Place: Ginny Suchocki and Korrin Black (You Jerk, I Snatch)