FITforLIFE classes use the foundational movements that have allowed us to see great results at CrossFit Themis. By focusing on the foundational movements and removing the heavy barbell and high skill gymnastics movements, we’ve created a highly effective, safe program for every fitness level. Led by our experienced coaches, we focus on proper movement mechanics and technique before increasing the intensity. This program is great for those coming from a sedentary lifestyle and beginning their fitness journey, or for those that are looking to improve their core strength and aerobic capacity. Training within a group setting, FITforLIFE is a calorie-burning, interval training class designed to target all levels of clients. FITforLIFE is designed to make you sweat, shred fat, and move you closer to the body you want. It is time to get FITforLIFE:
  • Live an all-round healthier life
  • Increase energy
  • Tone up
  • Burn fat
  • Build core strength and conditioning
  • We have eliminated the competition aspect
  • No heavy barbell
  • No complex gymnastics movements
  • No prerequisites.

45-minute classes run M/W/F at 8:00am and 6:30pm.


Members who sign up before the January 15th start will receive a Founders Club swag bag containing the following:

  • “Since Day 1” t-shirt $30 value
  • 2 – One-hour Personal Training Sessions to use or give away $130 value
  • Starter Nutrition Package $85 value
  • One Week Pass to give as a gift $40 value
  • 2 – InBody Body Composition Measurements $50 value
  • Jump Rope $25 Value
  • Protein samples