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Meet Kirsten

My name is Kirsten Radant and I am a two-year-old teacher at the Woodsen Ymca. My hobbies are singing, playing guitar, shopping, geocaching, walking my dogs, making artwork with my kiddos, collecting rocks, going to antique shops, taking pictures.

I joined Themis because I was in a place of deep depression and not in a place where I was taking care of myself. I wasn’t happy with who I was physically emotionally mentally. I wanted to be somewhere where I felt a sense of community and belonging. I became a member January 22, 2018 and still loving it a year later.

I would definitely say the biggest challenge would be my anxiety because it’s a part of my every day struggles in terms of socially and being able to not let it get the best of me and also adding to that would definitely be my confidence I think that is something that I can always improve on. I am also very hard on myself and have to remind myself that I just need to take things one step at a time and that I will get there at my own time and not everybody else’s.

My favorite part about Themis is that I love feeling like everybody wants you to accomplish your goals and everybody cheers everyone on. I love feeling like I am a part of something and then I am accepted for my differences. Themis also helped me achieve my goals by pushing me beyond what I thought I could do. Themis also helped me learn to eat healthier and the coaches are very hands-on teaching you what you need to do to improve.

One fun fact about me – I am ambidextrous. I wrote with both hands when I was little but my teacher made me choose which hand. I write with my left hand, I bat left handed, I brush my hair with both, do make up with both, I use a bow and arrow with my right eye, and golf right handed. Another thing about me is I am high functioning autistic and doctors told my parents that it would be highly unlikely that I would live a “mainstream” lifestyle. My mom didn’t believe them and has pushed me to be the person I am today if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t of joined a place like Themis, graduated college gotten a job and soon will be buying a house.


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