Hi, my name is Lisa. I have been married to John for 13 years. I have two daughters Jenna & Rebecca. I am an implementation project manager for a software company SAP Concur. Some of my hobbies are bike riding, reading, traveling and drinking lots of coffee.

I joined Themis to lose weight, gain strength and start loving myself again. I became a member in August 2018.

The biggest challenge in my life is balancing all things in my life. I tend to be an all or nothing person so I struggle doing multiple things well.

What I Love about Themis is the people. I used to think people were lying when they would say they had a group of people other than family that they were uplifted by. I found that at Themis. They are truly my tribe. Themis has helped me achieve and exceed my goals. The coaches are always willing to be patient and help you reach whatever goal you are working on. The crew has been inspirational. From cheering me on or talking with me about their own struggles when I need someone to talk to.

Fun Fact…I am a US Navy veteran.