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Meet The Member: Margaret Hlava

It takes a dedicated person to commit to a routine in any workout program. It takes an even more dedicated program to commit to being a 5:30am WOD regular, and Margaret is one of those very dedicated people.

Margaret and her husband have three daughters between the two of them. As she put it, “his, mine, and ours, ha ha”. They also have two wonderful granddaughters ages 3 and 5. Margaret is a bookkeeper and receptionist at a local company. She moved to Wausau when she was 18 and decided to make it her permanent home. Outside of work and the gym she enjoys hanging out with her biological family and her Themis family.

Margaret joined CrossFit Themis 2.5 years ago. She stumbled upon CrossFit on accident as a friend of hers told her about a program Themis was offering. Margaret contacted us because she was at a point where she diet she needed to gain control of her eating and to loose weight. She said, “I am so very glad that I did the challenge and stayed a member. Themis gave me back the life I wanted – active and healthy!”

Margaret is still here taking on new challenges and smashing her goals. She said that her favorite movement is rowing and that even though the bike is challenging, she enjoys that aspect of it. Overhead movements are something she is still working on as she strives to gain more upper body strength. Prior to finding Themis she tried exercising at a few local places and although she liked the facility she didn’t stick with them as they were lacking a routine and a leader to direct her what to do. This is part of what has fueled her passion for CrossFit, “I can come, do the work, and enjoy doing it.” Margaret is motivated by seeing how much stronger she is vs. any other time in her life. She said that she is able to do many more activities now without being tired out than in the past. She loves the life she has now.

One fun fact about Margaret is that she loves Christmas. Especially the spirit of giving to others, be it her family or the people in the community. For the past two years she has organized an “Adopt A Family” event here at CrossFit Themis. Margaret works with The Women’s Community to get a gift list of a family in need and decorates a tree in our lobby where members can pull off an ornament with a n item on it and then they can purchase that item to donate to the family. Margaret then organizes a wrapping party here and facilities the drop off of all the gifts. She said, “I love that I can do this with help from everyone. Thank you Andy and Annette for letting me do this.”

Her advise to you is this…”Start exercising and be active as much as you can. I wish I had done this many years ago. Do something you enjoy, that also challenges you. Do not be afraid of whatever age or physical shape you are in to take control of your life. Make changes. Work hard and you will be so happy with the results. Doing CrossFit has been one of the hardest things I have done in my life – but it has been the best thing I have done for myself! It has not only helped me be healthier physically, but mentally by keeping my anxiety at bay. I have met so many great people I would not have otherwise gotten to meet.”


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