Before joining CrossFit THEMIS I had zero experience in the world of CrossFit and my only exposure was watching the Reebok CrossFit Games on TV. I must admit, that I really had no intention of ever pursuing the lifestyle of CrossFit until after participating in the New You Challenge. Signing up for the New You Challenge was a complete spontaneous moment brought up by my co-worker Casey. My original goal was to lose a few pounds and try to get back into shape for pursuing some epic mountain bike adventures that I wanted to do. These epic mountain bike adventures require a lot of endurance, strength, and mental toughness.

After joining Themis, I learned more about proper nutrition than I had in the past. This gave me an additional goal to eat healthier as well as paying attention to the quality of food being consumed on the macro level.

CrossFit THEMIS has given me the proper tools and coaching to completely change my life around, put me back on the right path to become stronger, faster, and healthier on both the physical and mental aspects. I did a few Nutrition challenges which greatly helped to kick me in the right path and steer me away from processed foods.

Eating healthy foods at the correct portion size has made a huge impact on my overall health. It took a few weeks to get use to the concept of healthy eating but once it became a routine then it was easy to stay on target. Proper nutrition gives me sustained energy, feeling of fullness, alertness, and higher level of brain functionality. On the physical side, the coaches have developed some really good WODs to help on the endurance and strength conditioning.

This was confirmed when I took to the trails this spring, summer, and fall! I did not do a whole lot of riding this year as much of my training was done at THEMIS alone. The consistent attendance of WODS (min. 3 days per week) sometimes more, has giving me the needed strength and endurance to overcome some of the most grueling and challenging mountain bike trails in the country. The best part is that my recovery time is down to a fraction of what it was when my training was strictly only on the bike.

This would NOT have been possible for me without THEMIS. I never have been able to go to a workout of any type, let alone a leg workout, just 3 days after being on a bike for 22 hours. I think this speaks for itself that if you eat smart, work out consistently every week, and work hard within your limits at WODS, then good things will happen. When times get tough or I feel like stopping during a workout or adventure out on the trail then I tell myself “YOU are better than you think you ARE and YOU can do more than you think you CAN”.

The number one thing that I love about CrossFit Themis are the people, because it is like being in an extended family. Everyone is so positive, encouraging, motivating, inspiring, and just a great bunch of people to hang out with and call family. It is a great feeling to compete amongst others in the box to help better my personal strengths and grow stronger all around. The people and atmosphere are the two main reasons to why I choose to call Themis home rather than other boxes in the area.