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Meet Shawn

Hi, my name is Shawn Koeppel. I am married to Holly and we have a two year old son Andrew. I am super lucky because we both share a lot of the same interests and our kiddo enjoys following along in our footsteps (so far🙂). During the day I occupy my time as a Product Development Engineer at Greenfeck Fan, outside of that I fill the time with crossfit, rucking, camping and just about anything outside.

Holly convinced me to join Themis three years ago after I was unmotivated and bored with watching some dude on the same five dvds telling me what to do over and over again. I knew I needed and wanted to stay active but never found something I enjoyed or could stay motivated to do. I’ve been hooked on the WODs and community at Themis ever since though!

My biggest challenge in life has been keeping anxiety to a minimum and enjoying the moment without thinking “I should be doing this or could be getting this done”. Themis is the one place where I can completely check out of worries, stress and whatever else is on my mind. I love workouts/activities that require me to grind. Putting my head down and grinding through is therapeutic. I leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, calm and collected. A pretty awesome feeling!

Themis has definitely helped manage my stress and instill a positive attitude/outlook over the past years, which I am grateful for. I am in much better health than I used to be and Themis gives me the tools to dial in my nutrition to fuel myself for WODs. Have never felt better!

A Fun fact about me is that I live on sarcasm. I can be serious when needed, other than that, life is too short not to have fun and make jokes!


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