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Meet the Coach: Chi Wing (Eric) Yeung – Ninja

Chi Wing or Eric is not only a member here at CrossFit Themis, but he also is a coach. Eric and his parents moved to the United States from China when he was 17 years old. When they came to the US they decided to make Minocqua their home. Eric went to UW – Stevens Point and afterwords worked as a software developer until finding his new position as a Graphic Technician. In his spare time he enjoys practicing Martial Arts, playing video games, and washing dishes.

He doesn’t remember exactly when he started CrossFit but thinks it was around three years ago. He actually joined a CrossFit gym for the boxing class and after boxing for a while his coach suggested he tried out CrossFit and the rest is history. He now calls CrossFit Themis his home and is not only a valued member but an amazing role model and coach. Eric started boxing and CrossFit because he wanted to change his lifestyle. He wanted to move his body and train – boxing was something he always wanted to try but never did. It so happened that there was a location right next door to his old job, so he thought he would give it a try. He actually thought the gym was an IT company until he finally went in there. On his 29th birthday he started his first boxing class. His goals were to not feel tired all the time. He thought he was going in an unhealthy direction by eating fast food and playing video games rather than being active. In high school he was really into sports and loved badminton. His drive to excel at a sport again led to his passion for boxing and eventually CrossFit.

Eric’s favorite CrossFit movement is burpees. Burpees are a movement that works your full body and he enjoys that how many you can do depends on how you pace yourself. Pacing is essential in CrossFit and burpees are a great way to utilize that strategy. His least favorite is the assault bike. Although a great workout, he and the bike have a love-hate relationship.

When not doing CrossFit you can find Eric participating in Spartan Races. He has done 12 races and loves them because “You see the best in people. Strangers help each other through obstacles. I love helping people get through obstacles.” Eric can also eat a lot – he often tells people he eats like a dinosaur.

Eric’s advice to you is, “Take that step you have always wanted to take. I wish I would have started boxing and CrossFit earlier. But I am glad I took that step and started. We will never be ready for anything if we keep waiting for the perfect time, because there is no perfect time.”

Written by: Rebecca Bratton


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