What do you enjoy most about being a coach at CrossFit Themis?

The constant pursuit of education and dissemination of knowledge is a value that I hold in high regard. I believe that we all should dedicate a portion of our lives to learning about something that intrigues us, put our own spin on this information, and then teach as many people as possible with the hopes that they will then continue to spread what they have learned. All the members at Themis are extremely receptive to learning new things and becoming better versions of themselves. I especially like seeing veteran members take a newbie under their wing and helping them understand the workouts or movement patterns, as this demonstrates that concept of continued spreading of knowledge. One of Themis’s best qualities is diversity within a tight knit community. Everybody at Themis is an expert at something. How cool would it be if we all took some time to teach each other a little of what we know to expand the knowledge base of this already powerful community?

Who/What is your biggest motivation to stay active?

My biggest motivation, and consequently my biggest demotivation, is myself. It all started as a means to find self-validation, something I still struggle with. I am very hard on myself to perform up to the standards that I have created for myself. I am one of those people that is happy about a PR in a big lift or a WOD, and then 30 seconds later looks back and says, “I should have done this better”. Overall though, I am happy with how things have developed. It’s taken the past 15 years of dedicated work to level myself up and to build my “fitness bank account”, and I’m not ready to quit contributing. Mental toughness has been my latest obsession and form of deposit to my fitness account. I also believe in the concept of extreme ownership, where everything is a result of something you did or didn’t do. Didn’t PR your back squat? Did you skip your last couple squat days? Mile time still sucks? Have you been running? Not as lean as you’d like to be? Did you have the discipline to weigh and measure your food? So my motivation to stay active is the fact that I’ve put in too much work to just give it all up, and I can still be better in everything I do. For me, there is no good enough. A lot of this may seem obsessive and crazy (I am a little) but, we are what we repeatedly do. Practicing good habits, leads to desired results. If you are strong enough. Oh, and Josh Bridges. Love that guy.

What are you most proud of accomplishing so far in CrossFit or weightlifting?

I am most proud of my evolution throughout my current stint in the iron game. I’ve dabbled in bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, CrossFit, and strongman. I’ve done zone diets, paleo, keto, flexible dieting, crash diets, and “see food and eat it” diets. I’ve coached in commercial gyms, private gyms, collegiate settings, and CrossFit gyms. I study breathing, movement quality, tactical and sports psychology. I’ve gone from wanting the biggest deadlift, to wanting the perfect air squat. All of these have contributed important bits and pieces to the framework of my education, knowledge base, and skillset. I am proud of having an open mind to anything and everything.

Would you rather have the fastest “Fran” time in the world or the highest weightlifting total?

Weightlifting total. World record weightlifting total may correlate to Olympics worldly greatness. Fastest “Fran” time may not even get you past the CrossFit Open.