How did you get started doing CrossFit?

I got started with CrossFit this past January with the New You Challenge.

Have you surprised yourself with anything you’ve accomplished so far?

I have definitely surprised myself with what I’ve accomplished so far! I never thought I would CrossFit or be able to do crazy things like legless rope climbs or even attempt something called double-unders!

What you say to anyone who is thinking of joining Crossfit Themis?

To someone thinking of joining Themis I would say, “Do it! The coaches are great! The community is great! The feeling of success after a WOD, It’s all worth it!!”

What are some things, in great detail, that you like about the Joy Girl at Themis?

There are not enough things to say about the Themis Joy Girl!!! She was so welcoming from the beginning, knew my name before I knew hers! Told me the secret to gains, which everyone knows is Sour Patch Kids! She’s so encouraging in a WOD whether she’s off in her own “cool kid, open-gym corner” or doing the WOD with the regulars! She’s great!!