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Meet the Member: Barb Klinner – Ultra Runner

“My husband said he never saw me look better, even though I’ve run farther and said, ‘CrossFit Themis made you so much stronger’.”

If you haven’t met Barb Klinner, you will definitely want to. Her drive to succeed, uplifting attitude, and multitude of unique hobbies make her not only an amazing person but a great addition to the CrossFit Themis family.

Barb and her husband Mark have four children. They have two daughters and two sons. One son is adopted from South Korea and a daughter and son are from Ethiopia. When Barb isn’t playing the role of wife or mother she is a nurse and a restorative yoga teacher. She is also in the process of receiving her licensing as a vibrational sound therapist.

Barb will hit her one year mark as a Themis Member in January. She found CrossFit Themis by one of those awesome Facebook ads that show as she said, “The woman with the ripped abs.” and thought, “OK, if it does 1/2 of that…” She also wanted to work on her upper body strength to become a stronger runner and stay fit knowing that it’s difficult to maintain strength as you age.

Prior to beginning CrossFit Barb was, and still is, a world class distance runner. She has completed 117 marathons, 17 ultras of 50 miles or more, 12 of those ultras have been 100-milers, and a longest distance of 120 miles. She literally ran into the running scene as she was sitting eating breakfast and reading the local newspaper. She read that a local marathon was being held that morning and she had this gut feeling that she could do it so she changed into running clothes and told her husband to meet her at the finish. (If only it were that easy, right?) Most of the races she has done are cross-country and she prefers running through the woods at night with a flashlight. Barb’s favorite distance to run is 100 miles, for sure.

After completing over 100 races when asked what her favorite was she easily chose the Umstead 100 in North Carolina. She said that even though it’s a run through the woods, it’s timed for a full moon so sometimes you don’t even need a flashlight. At the race the aid stations are also superior with hamburgers and made to order breakfasts that are grab-and-go. Is anyone ready to go run with her yet?

One of her favorite memories from racing was the time that she broke her toe a week before she was going to pace her daughter in her first marathon. Barb was unwilling to let something such as a broken toe stop her, instead she cut the toe part off of her shoe and wrapped her foot so much that she said “It looked like a clown shoe, but it worked!”.

A couple of fun facts about Barb are that she loves falling out of the sky. “Parasailing, air ballooning, skydiving, even landing in an airplane!” She also is featured in a chapter of the book “Dairylandia” by Steve Hannah that was just released this week.

When asked to give others one piece of advice she said, “From Maya Angelou (one of her favorites), – I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


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