By Korrin Black

CrossFit is “My Thing”. I found it and I am never letting it go.

When you find your thing you will get it. It’s like knowing your favorite alcoholic beverage or tastiest pizza topping. You want all your friends to try it because you want them to love it too. Sometimes they do. They taste it, love it, and commit to making it their thing. Sometimes people can tolerate it. It’s not their favorite, but it will do in a pinch. There are also those people who try it and look at you like you’re crazy. Point being, they tried it first. That’s important to do before deciding if it is your thing or not.

I have tried many things to get in shape. I can’t even list them all. Between dieting and different fitness fads I was becoming discouraged. Always willing to try something new, but never being able to commit because something was missing. I used to wonder what my life would have been like if I had been a childhood athlete, or had been taught good nutritional habits young. We can all think of the what-ifs and waste time. But I’m grown now, time to put on my big girl panties and accept my life for what it is and make that change to be a better and healthier me. I am a woman, a wife and mother and it is time to love me. The first thing I noticed was my arms, I first fell in love with my arms. Something so small you would think, but to someone who had struggled with loving their body it was what I needed!

People think you need to be huge to lift heavy things, but you don’t. You need to be strong. There is a big difference, and I am glad I didn’t let that misconception stop me from trying CrossFit. It most definitely can be intimidating when you look at it from the outside. But we are just people, we are passionate about the same thing and we want to share it with everyone because we know it can be the game changer for even just one more person out there. There are people like us who were missing something. Missing the fire and excitement in their day that would cause them to grab that gym bag and get out of the house.

To the people who bash us; we want you to find your thing. When you do, you will understand. You will encourage us like we do for all the people out there who make the choice to get off the couch and try, even if they don’t try CrossFit. Everyone deserves a safe place to work on themselves, a place to turn off the brain and work it out with weights or burpees. I have found my safe place. A place I can go and get sweaty, and they sweat with me. I push myself when I think nobody is watching and achieve great things, ringing the bell is earned no matter how great or small the gain. It’s a place I get to watch other people with real struggles overcome an obstacle and their face lights up with pride. I feel pride just knowing I was there to witness their success. If you succeed we all do, that is how I feel busting my butt along side these people. These people whose stories may be so different from my own but we have found a common point. The desire to take care of our body and mind by working out. We all have personal goals that ultimately lead us to the same end….life!