Most of us started CrossFit to lose a little extra weight… or a lot of weight. Some of us started CrossFit to gain muscle, and others just to have fun. We all work toward progress in one form or another.

Recently we purchased the InBody Body Composition Analyzer to test body fat and lean muscle mass. While this gives us a clear picture of what is going on with our body fat, don’t forget about your physical measurements. Sometimes inches are lost without a lot of actual body fat lost. A person could lose several inches on their waist yet their body fat loss is less than 1% (a healthy loss is 1% a month). Maybe you started with low body fat and are looking to build mass. Those measurements are going to help you see the physical picture of your progress.

Don’t forget about the progress you can’t physically see: increased energy, confidence, stress-relief, and better sleep at night. After doing this CrossFit stuff for a while I’ve found that the physical side of the benefits is secondary to all the other wonderful areas I’ve made progress. Three years ago I dreaded the thought of being in front of a group of people speaking – I was not a leader. Today I have the confidence to get in front of class and teach. I’ve also ventured into an instructional role with my “day job” as well, leading and teaching my co-workers new tools to do their jobs better. The reach of these “un-seeable” benefits go far beyond the doors of the gym.

And what about what you can’t see yourself, but we as coaches can see by watching you? I stood back this morning during the lifting portion of the WOD and really watched with awe the movement that each of you continue to practice. You have made great strides in movement efficiency and continue to amaze me. So, if we give you kudos – know you deserve it. If we give you corrections – know that we see your potential. For me this morning, seeing WAS believing – that we all come together in the same avenue for each of us to progress in our own goals.